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 boeing/airbus parts

Dopoint provides world-class support in the supply of OEM and Aftermarket spare parts for Boeing/Airbus aircraft. Dopoint has commercial aviation supply chain management expertise with:

-----MRO Support & Solutions
-----Engine Components
-----Structural Components                        
GE Lighting Systems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high intensity discharge (HID) and speciality flourescent lighting systems, from its origins in gas street lighting in the late 1800's!                        
With over 50 years professional experience, Telex is a leading manufacturer of dependable, top-of-the-line communication equipment including Pilot headsets and related products.                        
Battery, Cell, Battery Charger !                        
Battery, Cell, Battery Charger, Mechanical Strut !                        
Cockpit and Cabin Headsets    .                        
Focusing on Telecommunications with VHF COM, ADF , NAV, MMR control panel !                        
Batteries, Power Conversion !                        
Faucets, Latch, Lock, Oxygen System, Water System !                        
Mechanical Controls, Pump, Valves !                        
Battery, Cell and Emergency Battery !                        
CD for FAA Regulations, A/C and Engine Technical Manuals !                        
Cargo Loading System !                        
Static Inverter, Frequency Converter,Transformer Rectifier,Light Dimmer,Power Supply.                        
Communications, Indicators, Electro-Mechanical !                        
Aircraft Lighting System & Aircraft Mood Lighting !                        
Lamps !                        
Rotary Switches !                        
Lead-Acid Batteries,Emergency Batteries !                        
Circuit Breakers,Limit Switch, Proximity,Sensor and Switches!                        
Fire blocked Seat,Cushion, Flotation Cushion, Raw Cushion (foam only), Armcap !                        
Aircraft Carpets !                        
Lead-Acid Batteries,Battery of Instruments !                        
Aircraft Landing Gear Shop !                        
Instrument Control !                        
Lead-Acid Batteries !                        
Latching Systems                        
Static Discharger, Antennae, Tester, ELT !                        
Charger-Analyzers,Computerized Battery Testing System !                        
Position and Force Sensors !                        
Landscape Digital Video System / Taxi Aid Camera System !                        
Wheels and Brakes (Former ABSC & Dunlop)                        
Lamp, LEDs & Optical Components !                        
Headsets !                        
Cockpit and Cabin Windows !                        
Communications & Networks !                        
Lap Belt Systems, Seat Belt Extensions For Adults And Babies !                        
AC & DC Motors, Fans, Blowers, Tachometers & Transducers !                        
Switches !                        
Lamps, Light Assemblies, strobe !                        
Lavatory Modules, Tanks, Composite Panels !                        
in-flight entertainment systems