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It is the most comprehenstive tool to share and locate aircraft parts inventory .
-----Aircraft Parts Inventory Sharing Platform , Turn Your Inventory of high valued aviation parts to Cash !
-----Locating aircraft parts in 20 second based on keyword, National stock number, NATO stock number, Commerical Part Number ,Millitary Part Number !

Inventory-Locator is a web based platform facilitating aviation inventory trading and repair services. Inventory-Locator addresses the three main aspects of air fleet maintenance every airline or aviation business might face.As an aircraft parts locator it helps airlines and ground service companies purchase or supply inventory, provide or acquire MRO services.

-----------Inventory & Services Locator
-----------Inventory Publishing Tool
-----------Just-In-Time Logistics

Inventory & Services Locator
Aviation inventory and services locator is meant to be the most comprehensive tool for aviation industry provided by Dopoint.

Locating parts has never been an easy task
Aviation is a global market. It is highly scattered across the globe and it is not a trivial task to organize the search and logistics of particular items needed.There are plenty of suppliers out there but how would you know which one is the best for you and which one would have the part you need at that particular moment, at that particular AOG?Striving to get the best suppliers of aviation inventory & repair services is our daily duty.

Internal quality assurance & database updates
With our quality assurance policy we provide verified and only trusted aircraft parts suppliers and buyers. We and our customers can be sure that daily trade of spare parts will be as efficient as possible.All companies represented in our platform are screened via Inventory-Locator‘s internal procedures and only then are able to come on board if meet all the guidelines.Even afterwards you are not left alone and our proactive customer support is always taking care of the database freshness You will not have to worry about the inventory updates, this is our task.

Get the aircraft parts you need
With Inventory-Locator it takes just moments to locate the necessary aircraft parts. And we mean moments. Searching is undertaken via standard part numbers in bulk or per single item. Save on logistics costs by choosing from over 2 billions of inventory items listed and picking a suitable location.

Get fixed
Finding someone to repair that part for you was never so easy! There are over 700,000 repair capabilities listed on Inventory-Locator. Whether you need to do an inspection or repair a broken part or even it is time to do a major overhaul you can rely on trusted repair shops and MROs who are listing their component repair capabilities on Inventory-Locator database.

Inventory Publishing Tool
Our inventory publishing tool is jaw dropping. It is so easy to use that even your kid could do it. Nevertheless, if you are really busy our customer support will do everything for you!

Sell your inventory
Selling aircraft spare parts on Inventory-Locator could not be easier. Item listing is done either by entering every part number manually for the sale of a single or few items, or uploaded in bulk from a custom Excel file. All uploaded inventory can be reviewed, edited or sorted at any time, to ensure the highest possible conversion rate. And you are rewarded for managing your inventory correctly. Companies with the freshest stock are displayed on the top of the list.

Promote your component repair capabilities
Whether you are a big MRO in HongKong or a small repair shop in the middle of China, Inventory-Locator is a valuable partner for your business. Global exposure of what you can do and how you can help aviation companies with their component inspections and repairs will give you a better competitive edge. List all your repair capabilities and extend your exposure via Inventory-Locator

Promote your inventory and repair capabilities even more
Feeling great with closed community at Inventory-Locator? But want to try even more and explore the World Wide Web and major search engine capabilities? Create your own website and catalog under Inventory-Locator. Customize company pages, put marketing material needed and acquire a unique link under catalog.Inventory-Locator/your-link/ . We at Inventory-Locator systemically and persistently work to optimize our customers‘custom catalogs for most popular search engines worldwide such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.   All inclusive!

Manage distribution channels
There are certain situations when companies want or do not want to work with some regions and countries. If you do not want your stock to be visible in some particular countries, you can use "Manage distribution channels"feature to restrict your stock visibility.

Manage your warehouses
Indicate your inventory and services location in order to meet regional search criteria and help airlines in AOG situations. Everybody knows that logistics is one of the most crucial things in aviation aftermarket. It is very important to know the exact location of the parts needed and as soon as possible.  There is even more. You can manage inventory in every warehouse separately.

Just-In-Time Logistics
Everybody knows that logistics is one of the most crucial things in aviation aftermarket.

Worldwide Bonded Warehouse
Inventory-Locator is platform to combine Buyer , Supplier , manufacturer , and MRO together , everone can share its inventory , demanding .  

Just-In-Time Delivery
Just-in-Time Delivery saves you money by delivering freight as it’s needed, not days before or past deadlines. This level of effectiveness translates to faster delivery times and more efficiency .

Just-In-Time Inventory Control
Being replenished with your parts just as you need them is the foundation of efficient inventory control. Expedited Transportation can provide Expedited Transportation services to suit companies and loads of all sizes, ensuring your freight arrives securely and right on-time.

Just-in-Time After-Market Manufacturing

Inventory-Locator is connecting with aircraft manufacturer or it is supplier , and others 3rd party certificed after-market manufactuer , let them arrange just-in-time manufacturing for you .

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